Capacity Building

mckinsey capacity building model Many nonprofit boards talk about building capacity but don't always have the understanding and knowledge to do so. The result is that capacity building is left to chance.

Why is capacity building important? It defines whether or not your organisation is actually able to create change or make the world a better place. Capacity building more than just having sufficient money or the right number of people; it is also about the interconnectivity and interdependence between those factors.

As am organisational you can set all the goals you want, however if your organisation does not have the capability to achieve the desired outcomes, your efforts will be wasted.

With this presentation I will provide your board and management group with -

  • An introduction to the benefits building capacity
  • A framework for assessing organisational capacity
  • An overview of functional interdependence
  • An insight into the information gathered and how to interpret the data
  • A guideline for building future capacity

Why involve the board in something that appears to be an organisational matter? As with capability development, capacity building is aligned with and dependent upon strategic direction. It is driven by your organisational vision. Your board need to have an insight into the myriad of factors that may impact upon their decision making and may assist with or impede the success in achieving strategic outcomes.

Booking a session for your board is quick and easy. Just email to me a preferred date or month. I will call you back to confirm that date is available or discuss alternative dates. I recommend you set a date at least six weeks into the future to increase the possibility of your date being available. Presentations can take place in an evening or even during a weekend.

The price is $1490.00 excluding GST. I recommend smaller not-for-profit organisations joining together for an evening and sharing the cost. As the host I ask that your provide a suitable venue, preferably with a data projector, and any refreshments, if required.

Presenter - John Coxon

I have worked with boards and management teams in the community and healthcare sector in Australia since 2002. I bring extensive knowledge and understanding of all governance and operational functions, having been involved in mentoring senior executives, coaching managers, developing frontline managers, reviewing services, developing procedures and overseeing development of online activities. In addition I have many years experience guiding strategic thinking and planning within not-for-profit organisations.