An assessment of your capabilities involves a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders rating a range of organisational capabilities. This provides an extensive insight into, and understanding of what it is you do well and where there is room for improvement. It helps guide strategic decision making. In our increasingly complex environment it is important to develop capabilities within innovation & excellence, high value customer networks, differentiated service delivery, robust financial management and continuous improvement in operations. (Adapted from Strategy&)

My Capability Assessment Experience

I have worked with a variety of non-profit organisations, applying the NZ Ministry of Social Development assessment tool, to assess organisational capabilities and to develop plans for developing organisational competency.

How I Can Help You

I offer you a choice of assessment tools including the MSD Capability Assessment, online Navigator or the McKinsey Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool. I can -

  • Guide you on an appropriate assessment tool and process
  • Facilitate the asssessment process
  • Collate data and feedback into an easy to read report
  • Facilitate and guide discussion of the feedback
  • Guide decision making around priorities

It doesn't matter how big or small your organisation is or how well organised you believe you are, a capability assessment will provide you with a wealth of data and perspectives that will challenge every perspective you have about your organisation. Capacity building recognises that not-for-profit providers need to build management systems as well as programs. A capability assessment -

  • Gathers data on every aspect of your organisation
  • Brings together both an internal and external perspective
  • Illustrates the interconnectiveness of functions
  • Informs and improves business planning
  • Enables resources to be directed where will have greatest impact