Often not-for-profit organisations suffer from Starvation Cycle where they are underfunded for the real costs of operations, they crib service funding to enable support services, yet are reluctant to increase their spend on infrastructure at the expense of service delivery. The result is they do not have the capacity to actually make a real difference.

As an entity you are impacted upon by external and internal forces and within that environment you need to develop leadership and management capacity, technological capacity and a capacity to adapt. (TCC Group) The aim being to build effectiveness and resilience within your organisation while responding to community need with relevant services. (OTC framework).

How I Can Help You

I guide cross-functional teams through the process of building capacity. They become the champions within your organisation. I am primarily guided by the McKinsey Capacity Building framework as I help you to look at your -

  • Aspirations
  • Strategies
  • Organisational skills
  • Human Resources
  • Systems and infrastructure
  • Organisational structure, and
  • Culture

Following this process I envisage your organisation would have a clear vision of its future direction and the desired outcomes, have an understanding of the right management structure and people to enable that vision to be achieved, have a raised awareness of both the issues and opportunities created by the interdependence of functions and have a plan in place for building upon existing capacity to meet future needs.

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