consulting image From time to time it can be more cost effective to retain the services of an external advisor to conduct a review, manage a project or provide advice on aspects of managing a nonprofit organisation. When the time is right for you. Call me. It costs nothing to share ideas and discuss possibilities.

John's Consulting Experience

Since 2002 I have been blessed to have been retained to work on a wide variety of projects with clients. These experiences have provided me with an in-depth understanding of the nonprofit sector. I have been fortunate to have developed a number of long-term relationships with CEO's and Boards within some clients that has seen me providing them with guidance over many years. I invite you to follow the links and review some of those experiences.

During 2006-09 I was the founding Executive Officer for Community Southwest, an alliance of non-profit organisations in south west Victoria.

I have been involved in projects as diverse as;

  • creating professional development pathways
  • developing policies & procedures
  • developing social enterprise strategies
  • advising boards on the emerging environment
  • capability development
  • creation and delivery of customised professional development
  • mentoring CEO's and Senior Executive
  • coaching managers at all levels
  • conflict mediation
  • facilitating stakeholder consultation
  • conference and event management
  • project management of fundraising campaigns
  • creating an alliance framework and rules of engagement
  • preparing nonprofit Constitution and Rules
  • delivery of frontline management programs
  • preparation of Terms of Reference
  • business planning
  • marketing plans for nonprofit event
  • survey and report into organisational culture
  • strategic planning
  • use of online tools

How I Can Help You

After more than 14 years working with nonprofit organisations, I focus on working with boards and management teams to identify gaps in capabilities that prevent your organisation being the best it can be. He achieves this by -

  • Helping assess organisational capabilities
  • Building effective governance
  • Planning for a future
  • Guiding implementation of plans
  • Reviewing progress