D.I.Y Strategic Planning

royalty free image hand holding light bulb D.I.Y Strategic Planning will provide you with the strategies and tools to save money while also planning for the future of your organisation.

The DIY approach is especially good for community organisations and small funded providers with limited financial resources as the process we recommend remains simple and easy to implement, while enabling you to set out future direction and goals. Our DIY strategic planning process will enable you to plan for the future while also helping you to improve the present.

Our DIY planning process will provide you with a roadmap containing a set of tasks and activities that will eliminate any risk of failure. You will be able to guide your board and other stakeholders through a thorough process and at the end have a strategic plan that is embraced by both internal and external stakeholders.

During this presentation to your board and management group I will provide -

  • a framework and planning process that engages a wide range of stakeholders
  • guidelines for an internal facilitator
  • a guide to setting organisational goals
  • a template for a strategic plan
  • tools and resources to assist planning

Following this presentation your organisation will be able to save money by conducting effective strategic planning, in-house, without any loss of quality

The price of this presentation is $1490 excluding GST. We recommend smaller organisations join together and share the cost of the presentation. As the host organisation I do ask that you provide a suitable venue and refreshments as considered appropriate. If your venue has a data projector that is great, otherwise I can bring one along.

Presenter - John Coxon

The presenter is John Coxon. John is a management consultant who has specialised in working with nonprofit organisations in Australia and New Zealand since 2002. John is frequently engaged to guide and facilitate strategy planning within nonprofit organisations and has a unique insight into the process and tools used.