Effective Governance

royalty free image dots joined Your Board can be compared to either a pilot in a plane or a ships captain on the bridge. Their job is to ensure everything is going in the right direction. This is also the role of your Board/.

I have designed and created this presentation to provide your board with all the information they will need to govern effectively.

This in-house presentation is designed to provide your board with a framework for effective governance. I provide information on -

  • The role of the Board
  • Responsibilities of the Board
  • Individual responsibilities of board members
  • Governance best practice
  • Governance capabilities
  • Governance trends
  • Tools to enable your board to govern effectively

By involving all of your board members in this professional development they are able to compare governance best practice to their current practice, identify gaps in capabilities and set out actions for the future. The 'whole of board' approach means that everyone, those with the most experience and those with the least can learn from each other. I believe this format is more cost effective and more likely to result in improved governance than simply sending a single person to an external workshop.

Booking a session for your board is quick and easy. Just email to me a preferred date or month. I will call you back to confirm that date is available or discuss alternative dates. I recommend you set a date at least six weeks into the future to increase the possibility of your date being available. Presentations can take place in an evening or even during a weekend.

The price is $1499.00 excluding GST. I recommend smaller not-for-profit organisations joining together for an evening and sharing the cost.

Presenter - John Coxon

I have worked with boards and management teams in the community and healthcare sector in Australia since 2002 and will present an overview of the emerging factors that impact upon charities and the nonprofit sector in Australia. As publisher of the joining.the.dots newsletter I am immersed in identifying trends from around the world and from a variety of sectors, that may impact upon the not-for-profit sector. This knowledge forms the basis of the Join The Dots presentation. In the presentation, I will 'join the dots' as I map the political, economic, social and technological factors that impact upon service delivery and identify strategies for your nfp organisation to put into place for the future.