butterfly emerging into future Imagine is a membership-only consultancy & advisory service available to not-for-profit, community organisations, with less than 5 EFT, located in the Warrnambool, Corangamite, Southern Grampians regions of Victoria. Membership of Imagine is limited to a maximum of 15 organisations at any time.

The Service

Small, not-for-profit, community organisations have always struggled to justify spending funds on consultants and advisory services. Traditional project by project consulting services can be expensive.

I have a solution to this problem. For an annual subscription of just $2900 excluding GST your organisation can have access to my decades of consulting and management experience for twelve months.

During that 12 months you are able to access any of the services listed below - as often as you need.* You may download details of the Imagine services.

How You Imagine The Future

For a annual fee of $2,900 exc GST per annum you have 24/7 access to my knowledge and experience as a consultant, researcher and strategic thinker with an indepth understanding of the global not-for-profit sector. For your annual membership within Imagine you are able to access the following, as needed;

  • Assistance with developing governance capabilities & best practice
  • Strategic planning
  • Mentor to CEO/EO and key people
  • Advice on building capacity/capabilities
  • Review of services & programs
  • Planning & implementing digital processes
  • Website design and content management
  • Social media content
  • Preparing marketing & promotional material
  • Assistance with funding proposals
  • Mapping network relationships
  • Preparing policies & procedures
  • Developing business plans
  • Assistance with recruitment

That's not all. The above is process. The real benefit to you is my understanding of your organisation and its connections. In addition to providing the help listed above where needed, I also immerse myself in your organisation. I map organisational outcomes, functions and network relationships. I connect those to our maps of emerging global trends and domestic legislative frameworks. Together our mapping provides you with an exclusive and in-depth insight to connections and events that, in turn, inform your strategic and business decision making. The insights generated by this mapping is made available throughout your organisation.