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Ageing Baby Boomer Design

May 15th, 2016

Here is a news broadcast. Baby Boomers are not the 'walking dead'. They will be around for a good number of years, they will not wander, willingly into either retirement or into residential aged care. They want to remain engaged with the community and those around them.

This is a group that has wealth, and while their offspring might be eyeing a potential inheritance, Baby Boomers are not afraid to spend their wealth, on themselves, while they are alive.

Baby Boomers own their own homes. They prefer to remain in those homes unless they are physically incapable of looking after themselves. They want more than a weekly visit from a council-funded house cleaner. They want to be able to entertain but would prefer to not have to do the dishes afterwards. They enjoy good food, fine wine, travel and quality entertainment

Those aged 65-plus, and that is between 20% and 25% of the population, are also the fastest growing group of technology users. They have been introduced to technology within the workplace and have had to learn to adapt to emerging technologies.

This has implications for aged care providers as those Baby Boomers that do move into residential aged care will likely be older than those in the past, more active and more interested. They will not appreciated being treated as 'waiting to die'. If aged care providers fail to recognise the changing needs of Baby Boomers there is a risk some providers will lose revenue through being unable to fill all available beds.

The majority of Baby Boomers will not go into residential aged care. They will remain in their houses and take advantage of home care. For the next 30 years there is considerable potential for commercial providers to capitalise upon meeting the needs of Baby Boomers living at home.

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