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I want to help you prepare for the future. I achieve this by helping you to join.the.dots. I provide you with the knowledge to inform future planning and decision making. This knowledge is available to you through our newsletter and through our customised presentations to your stakeholders.


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Civil Society

Tomorrow's City Hall

May 13th, 2016

Within all levels of Government reside vast amounts of data. Assumably this data is used to inform civil planning and policy making. Traditionally this data is locked away in a government controlled silo with only limited releases to the public. This results in a lack of innovation and creative thinking within Government.

If this data was made available, in a controlled manner to the private sector, media, community, healthcare and education sectors; when allied with new and emerging technologies, it is possible the combination of data, competititive activity and citizens desire for improved services would result in new and innovative ways of building civil society for the future.

For this to occur, it is necessary for our public governance and institutions to invest in digital and data leadership, internal government silos to be broken down and new external partnerships to be allowed to form - and encouraged.

Government at all levels need to remain relevant to their constituents. People have adapted new and emerging technologies readily, this has lead to social change and to changing expectations within the community. First step is to identify and learn what the community wants and expects from its institutions digital strategy.

Not-for-profit organisations should also take notice of this trend. They also collect vast amounts of data and like government, this data is often locked within an organisational silo. It is time to open the vault and share data, to inform new collaborative opportunities and to generate creative solutions to community issues - in collaboration with government and the corporate sector.

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