network relationship mapping Why map network relationships? Afterall you know who your day-to-day partners are. Networks extend beyond day-to-day partnerships, they have depth and are at the core of effective collaboration.

Collaboration becomes easier and more possible through an in-depth understanding of your network. At the heart of your network is relationships between people. These are represented as closed triangles which enable introductions and pathways to shared service delivery and funding.

It's not just about who you know; but who these people know also. This is your network. It has infinite depth. There is gold in the network.

Understanding your network helps you to develop an outcomes focus. It helps you to shape your strategic direction. By mapping your network relationships you are able to shift your perspective from local to regional to national.

I can help you by facilitating cross-functional exploration of your network relationships and helping to develop a plan for capitalising upon those relationships. When working with your people I keep the process simple and visual. My preference is for them to work with 'sticky notes' so they focus upon the relationship. Data can be transferred to a database and online visual map at a later date.

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