royalty free image australian map and communities Since 2002 I have been working with management teams in the health sector and not-for-profit sectors. All my activities and resources aregeared towards increasing my understanding of these sectors.


In the health sector we work with management teams in not-for-profit public and private hospitals. I work with boards and management teams, guiding strategic thinking, advising upon a 'quality journey', helping develop practical strategies for improving benchmark standards, through understanding of hospital efficiency drivers.

Aged Care

I work with boards and management teams of aged care providers, providing advice, guiding development of effective strategies to enable sustainable organisations impacted by a shift to a market-led environment.

Community Sector

In the not-for-profit sector I work with boards and management teams of not-for-profit service providers and national charities. I provide advice and guidance for practical strategies for growing not-for-profit organisations in a changing environment. I provide specific 'quality journey' focused guidance to disability providers seeking to grow within the emerging environment created by the NDIS.

Local Government

Within the Local Government arena I advise on practical strategies for ongoing provision of Home Care services (or otherwise) within the emerging environment created by a policy change away from bulk funding for the aged and those with disabilities.