Strategic planning is not business planning. When setting out strategy your aim should be to establish a guide to the future; rather than a prescriptive step-by-step plan.

To plan for the future you must have an understanding of the emerging environment.

Strategic planning involves stakeholders in thinking strategically. Asking what is the problem you seek to solve? What will you aspire to achieve?

Through an exploratory process, guided by Appreciative Inquiry, stakeholders are invited to share stories and experiences and create a pool of collective wisdom. From this emerges your vision of the future.

Experience and research show that planning for the future is a key part of building capacity. Once aspirations and direction have been established, then capabilities and capacity are aligned to help achieve that vision.

John's Strategic Experience

I have worked with boards of organisations involved with addictions, healthcare, aged care, family & children, disabilities, small and large charities and childcare, facilitating strategic conversations, guiding exploration of future possibilities and developing goals for the future.

How I Can Help You

Prior to any planning discussions, I work with your internal group to identify an appropriate planning process. Following this I make myself familiar with any specific issues or emerging environment aspects that your people need to explore. This creates a tailor-made process for your organisation. I can provide an insight into the emerging environment through a Joining the Dots presentation, engage with stakeholders on any pre-planning feedback and facilitate planning discussions. Following these I can prepare your strategic plan if required. I am then available to provide ongoing mentoring to members of the executive or management team to help ensure effective implementation of the plan.

Depending upon your needs, a strategic planning process may include any of the following -

  • Mapping of stakeholder relationships, marketplace needs
  • Assessment of capabiities or capacity
  • A Theory of Change
  • Exploration of emerging environment
  • Identification of strengths and opportunities
  • Review of mission and vision statements
  • Strategic direction and budget
  • Short term operational plan
  • Process for monitoring effective implementation